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11 Signs You’ve Managed To Get Over Your Ex

get over your ex


Here is the issue with divorce, someone is always the one left behind. Rarely are both parties in agreement about pursuing a divorce. This leaves one spouse with the difficult task of getting over their ex-spouse who chose to leave the marriage.

Not being able to be with someone you love, someone you had planned a life with is hell. Oh, the pain! The good news is, the pain isn’t terminal, it doesn’t last forever. You will get over your ex. It may not happen as quickly as you want but, one day you’ll realize that you’ve put them and any feelings for them behind you and moved on.

Below are 11 Signs You’ve Managed To Get Over Your Ex:

1. You wake up with something or someone other than them on your mind. When pining away for lost love we tend to go to bed thinking about them and wake the next morning with the same thoughts. If you are managing to lay your head on the pillow at night and wake in the morning without him/her infringing on your headspace, you’re over it.

2. They text or call and you don’t feel the need to respond or answer immediately. There was a time you would have left work in the middle of the day if it meant being able to communicate with them in some way. Now, when there is a text or call you shrug your shoulder and say, “I’ll respond when I get the time. You’re over it.

3. The things you used to find endearing about them now make you cringe. The way she used to dribble toothpaste down her chin when brushing her teeth. It’s now an Ick, not so cute after all. The way he used to come in from doing yard work, all sweaty and hot and want a kiss? The thought no longer causes butterflies in your stomach but causes your stomach to churn. You’re over it.

4. You are dating someone and you don’t compare them to your ex. In fact, you know there is no comparison because your ex just doesn’t stack up against the new love interest. You’re over it.

5. You can’t remember their phone number, social security number or any other vital statistic concerning them. When you have to look up their number to call them to discuss issues about the children, you’re over it.

6. You hear they are dating again and it ain’t no big deal. You have no desire to know who they are dating. You have no desire to warn that person about what a nimrod your ex is. You could care less because you’re over it.

7. Sex with your ex? No way! You used to wish for “one more night” now the thought of it makes your skin crawl. You have no desire for more time between the sheets with him/her because you’re over it.

8. If you were cheated on, you no longer feel rage when thinking about or seeing the other woman/man. In fact, you feel lucky and more than appreciative that you no longer play that role in his/her life. You were done a favor and you know it because you’re over it.

9. Memories of your time together no longer make you sad. You can think back over the good times and feel blessed to have had that experience because you’re over it.

10. You are able to smile, say hello and wish him/her a good day when you see them at your children’s activities or during drop-off and pick-up for visitation. You don’t feel sad when your children are with him/her. You don’t spend weekends wondering what your “family” is doing without you there. You are out having fun and enjoying your free time because you’re over it.

11. Best of all, when they text or call wanting to get back together you can’t imagine how that would ever be possible. You have a new life, new plans for your future and they just wouldn’t fit in because you’re over it.

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