Black Hair Spray Temporary

Temporary Colored Hairspray - Choose from 8 Different Colors -Spray In, Wash Out

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Temporary Colored HairsprayThe hairspray is $5 per can (including shipping) - choose as many cans as you would like!Cans are 3 oz each The quickest (and cheapest) way to color your hair!Bright, vibrant colors just spray in and wash out!Please note: Light colored hair may take more than onewashing to remove all color. When using WHITE hairspray:If you use the white hairspray BEFORE the colored hairsprays onLIGHT COLORED HAIR, it will reduce the amount of "staining" andmay be washed out in one wash. If you use the white hairspray BEFORE the colored hairsprays on DARK COLORED HAIR, it will make the colors appear more vibrant(see pictures above). SHIPPING NOTE: If you order more than 12 cans of hairspray, yourorder will be shipped via UPS instead of USPS.Ships to the 48 contiguous United States only. PayPal only.


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Unique Industries BrandHair Spray4.5 fl.oz. 90 gChoose from 10 colors and 3 glitters Great for parties, crazy hair, crafts and more!Brand new; sealed package.Ships from USA same day paid!Need more cans than we have listed? Message us. We have plenty in stock in the store that we can ship!

Wash Out Temporary Coloured Hair Spray 125ml

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Product Description Hair Colour Spray AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT COLOURS 125 ML

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