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3 Cool Cheap Smartphone Accessories

3 Cool Cheap Smartphone Accessories Gadgets and Budget You Must Have

Cheap Smartphone Accessories — 3 Cool Budget Smartphone Gadgets

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Today I review 3 cool cheap smartphone accessories budget the gadgets will be my focus in this video that I’m going to talk about today. If you’re looking for some fresh and cheap gear for your smartphone stay tuned.

Everybody loves a good deal, and these accessories are super cool and super affordable, and the first one is pop sockets I actually learned about this from Benji Travis from video influencers, and this has become one of my preferred accessories for smartphones.

3 cool cheap smartphone accessories budget

Now, if you have a larger Android device or in this case, it is a phone 6 plus, it’s a lot larger. What I love about this is it’s only about US$10. There’s a lot of different styles, and a lot of you can just get plain, or you can get all kinds of different graphics.

The practicality of this is fantastic for one just using your phone and being able to make sure you don’t drop it. Also, especially as phones get larger and then too for taking stable photo and video. It just gives you more grip and better grip to be able to create shots and shoot pictures.

It has become kind of a go-to accessory for me now the pop socket can go directly on your phone or in this case I have it on a jet tech case which is super friendly. It also goes in and out this still is able to pop into my pocket because it can collapse.

Another point that I need to make if you’re looking for maybe a gift idea, or just a way to take the ability to hold your phone and dynamically you know shoot some creative content, definitely check out pop sockets accessory.

The next cell phone accessory is a welcome piece, and that is the power bank, and this one in particular not only packs a lot of power but is very small. Not just the power bank is portable, but it’s also very affordable selling around nine dollars US.

Looking at 3 cool cheap smartphone accessories gadget on a budget that won’t drain your walet

Another nice thing, the power-bank is available in a lot of different cool colors, and so we can never have enough power right whenever you’re on the go. When your battery starts getting low your anxiety goes higher what’s gonna happen if my phone dies.

You start thinking it’ll be the end of the world right and so having a power bank always with you on the go is super lovely. These keys suggestion are really cool again not just something that I like to have. But if I go to conventions, I make sure that I have at least up one power bank in my bag to keep me charged.

The nice garget power-bank is a fresh, affordable gift idea. It is well-built very stylish, and something that somebody will love that you were to potentially get this for and that also won’t break the bank.

3 cool cheap smartphone accessories the gadgets that won't drain your wallet

The third favorite cheap smartphone accessory is the Archon tripod. I just can’t overstate how cool this accessory is for the fact that it comes in at under $20. Also, you get everything included, and you get the phone grip part as well. Its a legit Bendis tripod on there you get those two pieces together. Also, this is the real ultimate budget phone tripod.

For people who are doing Facebook lives or that want to just have a tripod for video, or for a photo, this is killer steel. Again a killer gift idea or maybe something that you would want to add to your travel kit as well.