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obsessed with 100s of review products on amazon

Obsessed with 100s of Review Products on Amazon? Yes you do

obsessed with 100s of review products on amazon

Is there a reason to be obsessed with 100s of review products on Amazon? Are you asking yourself does product reviews matter? Whether it’s to review products on Amazon, eBay, Bestbuy or any of the other big online store such as the giant Walmart.  The answer would be, yes it matters. Reviews build buyers confidence.

Let us look at an example in case of online shopper interested in purchasing an item online (for instance on Amazon), one of the first things that purchaser would do is to do a web search for a review on that specific product. Also, that person would visit the Amazon website and see if there are reviews. A good summary of a product that you are interested helps in making up your mind.

With this said, let us broaden the subject of products review and its importance. If you shop online, you have probably received a couple of prompts to review products on Amazon or whatever online store you buy a product. Even though most of us don’t bother to write reviews, we all love scrolling down to the review section to read what other users have to say. That brings us to the question, do product reviews matter? To what extent?

On the other hand, more than a few negative reviews can mess up a brand and even the ranking on search engine results. Therefore, it wise to not just look at one or two reviews but do a broad web search. Also, Youtube is a good place to watch reviews on Amazon producta.

Tips For Sellers Making People Obsessed with 100s of Review Products on Amazon

 obsessed with 100s of review products on Amazon
  1. Enhance Brand Reputation
    If you can get a few thousand of your clients to review products on Amazon, Quora or significant social networks, you stand to increase your business’s visibility and reach potentially. Furthermore, Amazon and Google rank companies according to the number of reviews submitted.
  2. Build Customer Trust
    As much as e-commerce is convenient, it is still widely regarded as unsafe and risky due to the high number of reported cons. Consequently, most people search for products and businesses online and decide whether to buy or not based on the information they find. As mentioned earlier, a lot of shoppers believe product reviews over promotional material, and hence it is essential to ensure that your online reviews are favorable to your brand, and they depict the truth of what you stand to offer.

In addition to your marketing efforts, dedicate some time to answer customer queries and concerns and clear any misunderstandings in various online platforms. When people see you doing this, they will know that you care and that you can be relied on to solve any post-sale issues.

  1. Increases the Sales Conversion Rates
    When people search for reviews on a particular product, they mainly want to know two things: First, other people’s experiences with the product, and secondly, to seek a second opinion of whether the product is worth it or not.

One might say that for expensive products, favorable reviews are important as no one is willing to gamble their hard-earned money. You may find that someone was ready and willing to buy a particular laptop, for example, from Amazon only to change their mind after reading the user reviews.

Hence, for business people, the aim should not only be selling high-quality products but also to convince customers to review products on Amazon and social media. That way, you will be able to convert apprehensive buyers into active buyers and subsequently grow your customer base.

As we tour through our head why are online shopper obsessed with 100s of review products on Amazon, let us did deeper into Amazon story and then into a live product review.

Some 24 years ago, formerly known as Cadabra, Inc. back in 1994, now known as Amazon company, success story started by Jeff Bezos and his handful of workers spending late summer nights packing books in a small warehouse, and scrambling to ship a developing amoung of ordered packages.

 obsessed with 100s of review products on Amazon picture of Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos.

Today, Jeff Bezos the man that who grown to be accustomed to being hailed the king of Internet commerce now runs a global powerhouse dealing in everything from banjo cases to wild boar baby back ribs. According to the World’s Billionaires list from Forbes, which tracks the net worth of billionaires in real time, stated that based on stock market fluctuations, Bezos added as much as $2 billion to his fortune, as Amazon’s market cap topped $1 trillion. Sept 4, 2018.

According to some e-commerce observers, as more businesses beef up their online operations, the question is asked, is in danger of seeing its dominance eroded by the competitors it helped spawn? Only time will tell pointed these observers’ However, the industry experts say Amazon is well placed to maintain a firm hold on its title as the undisputed e-commerce leader on the Internet.

There is one observer who recently said that Amazon’s biggest challenge is Amazon itself. Amazon has raised the bar for the entire industry, and that is according to the editor of the Internet Retailer, a monthly magazine covers the business, Kurt Peters.

Bezos, in the beginning, pointed that he had no plans to sell anything except books online. However after the things went live back on July 16, 1995, the business just took off more quickly than anyone had foretold, and before long customers started clamoring for more.

The now billionier not too long ago in an interview, pointed out that after he started to get e-mails from buyers saying, `Would you consider selling music because I’d like to buy music this way, and DVDs, and electronics, that started the growth.

Amazon now has nearly 49 million active customer, and that’s a good reason to be obsessed with 100s of review products on Amazon . in its piece Amazon: E-Commerce Success Story, stated With $6.92 billion in sales back in 2004, Amazon now ranked at the top of Internet Retailer’s annual top 400 list. And that is well ahead of the computer the maker Dell Inc., which posted $3.25 billion in online business-to-consumer sales. Office Depot Inc., which has a partnership with Amazon, wasn’t far behind with $3.1 billion.

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