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Rogers Fido Canada Samsung Unlock Code Galaxy S8 S8 S7 Edge A5 J3 J5 J7 S6 S5

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Available Unlock Code for All Samsung Models e.g S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S6,S7 EDGE,S8,S8+ Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5,Note 8 Alpha , Prime and many many moreWE CAN UNLOCK ANY PHONE LOCKED TO ROGER-FIDO CANDA LG,SAMSUNG,IPHONE,HUAWEI,MOTOROLABLACKBERRY ANYOnly Locked to Rogers or Fido Canada Only Delivery Time 1-2 days (Average time 24 hours) This service will unlock any Samsung, under contract or without contract. Travelling out of country ? Place your order Asap and get your code fast Send us the phone details (IMEI number, model and carrier) in a message while you check out in Paypal a- IMEI number (dial *#06# on the phone dial pad) b) Carrier the Phone is locked to. Full refund is given if code is not found. What happens after you buy?1. We will order the imei from the server. 2. Once we receive the unlock code, we will mark the item as shipped.3. We will then send you the unlock code by Mail INSTRUCTIONSHow to Unlock any Samsung?1. Turn off the phone.2. Insert a non accepted sim card (any sim card except the one that works with the phone, for example if phone is locked to rogers then put any sim card except rogers).3. Turn on the phone.4. The phone will ask for a code.5. Put the code we sent you.6. Phone is now unlocked. Most phones work with these simple instructions but some need additional instructions. So, try the code only once using the above steps and contact us if you need additional steps to unlock the phone. Note: Try only once and contact us if you have any issues. Please take a moment to leave us positive feedback if you are happy with our service. It will help us, as well as fellow eBay users. Thanks


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CANADIAN NETWORK BELL , VIRGIN , IPHONE ,SAMSUNG, LG HUAWEI, ANY ANY PHONE OFFICIAL FACTORY UNLOCK CODE SERVICE ONLY CLEAN IMEI SUPPORTED UNDER THIS SERVICE PERMANENT NETWORK UNLOCK 100% Money Back Guarantee, if UNLOCK Code Not Found How to Place the OrderPlease send us your IMEI with Locked country & Provider (Dial *#06# to Get The IMEI )DO NOT GET IMEI FROM BOX/BACKSIDE OF THE PHONE (MAY BE DO NOT MATCHED, SO IMEI IS NOT CORRECT THEN CODE WILL NOT WORK (No refund) Payments We accept payment by PayPal only, This is our preferred way of receiving payments as this method protects both you & us. PROCESSING TIME 1 - 24 hours (Monday to Friday) Saturday & Sunday Off (Server not working)Bell iphone can take up to 1-3 buisness days (if Server Down it may take 1-3 working days ) If you can't wait, then please don't Purchase.Once order processed then is it will not canceled. so, please decide before Order. Term and conditions:- - Only CLEAN IMEI supported in this Service - Still under Contract / Reported Lost or Stolen (CANNOT UNLOCK)- We Do Not UNLOCK GOOGLE Account in this Service (If Purchased No refund)- Already unlocked (No refund) Refund Policy Refunds will be issued for devices whose unlock come back "Not Found." Please note, for some specific devices, the unlock code comes back not found due to reasons related to the manufacture, date of shipment by the manufacture, and agreements between the manufacture and the service carrier. In these cases, we will issue you a refund. Refunds will be issued for devices whose unlock code doesn't work. Video proof must be provided to us before we issue refund. Video must display IMEI on device, which can be done by dialing *#06#, it must show you following the unlock instructions, you entering the unlock code provided by us, and the device showing/indicating a message the unlock code enter is incorrect. Refunds will NOT be issued if your device is already unlocked, hard-locked, or frozen due to entering an incorrect unlock...

Wind Freedom Canada Samsung Unlock Code GALAXY S8+ S7 S3 S5 Neo S4 Note 8 7

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Wind Freedom Canada Network Locked Samsung Unlock Codes Fast Codes usually within 1-2 Days eBay Notice: "I will send this item by postal mail. Sending this item by email or by any other digital delivery method is not allowed and violates eBay policy." WARNING:Do not purchase if your phone is asking for PUK CODE OR if its saying SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN BLOCKEDIn case Code do not work we will ask for video Proof, there will be no refund without video.We will not refund if your phone has been rooted, modified or tampered with (including accessing system menus using codes found on the internet).Similarly if your phone is Blocked and you not get signals after unlocking that’s not our fault and no refund will be offered.Before ordering unlocking service ensure your phone is actually locked, you can check by inserting a non-supported SIM card, if locked you will be prompted for a "Network SIM Unlock PIN/Code" or similar.Once the order has been submitted, the service cannot be cancelled or amended in any circumstances. By clicking Buy it Now button you agree to our terms & conditions. Codes are normally returned through eBay message within 1-2 Days but please allow up to 5 days Please provide us the following details1. IMEI number 2. Phone Model3. Current Network Please add a message to seller on your checkout. You can find the box to add the message under the delivery address. Terms and Conditions: 1. We will give you full refund immediately if we fail to find a code for your mobile.2. You cannot change your mind once you have purchased the code as we process thecode on the server and server charge us immediately and do not allow to cancel3. Your phone must be locked to Wind Freedom Canada Network otherwise no refund will be given.If you're unsure, please do NOT order, as codes will not be available.4. No refund for: Wrong IMEI; already unlocked phones (verify BEFORE submitting).5. Video proof will be required for all and any refund requests due to non-working code.6....

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