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MUST-HAVE Gift All-In-One 3 Function Keyring

MUST-HAVE 3 Function Unique KeyChain Lighter All-In-One Gift

I am not promoting smoking when reviewing the UNIQUE KEYCHAIN LIGHTER; that can be a good and simple gift. Everyone is likely to carry a keyring with a key or keys hanging on it, and we can say it’s a must-have.

The UNIQUE KEYCHAIN LIGHTER is a multi-purpose key chain integrated with a flint metal permanent match lighter, a beer bottle opener, and a Keychain with rings which is inexpensive. The lighter is an easy strike metal matchstick on a magnesium rod on the side that you strike the matchstick rod on to ignite the flame. This UNIQUE KEYCHAIN LIGHTER will last for more than 10000 strikes with a magnesium core striker.


Are you going camping? This Unique magnesium core striker keyring is a MUST-HAVE in your camping bag because you can still light a fire and not have to worry about the cold weather, rain, or snow.

This Keychain multi-tool is suitable for everyone to wear. The keychain bottle opener is made of high-quality alloy material. Fuel can be replenished and can be used thousands of times. The keychain size is 3.77x 1.42″ and weighs about 4.42 ounces, mini portable.


This Unique Keychain Lighter multi-tool is reusable and easy to use. Add a small amount of fuel standard lightweight oil before using the igniter. You then place the match stick inject for 1-2 minutes so that the cotton wick will completely absorb the fuel. Twist and pull out the match stick counterclockwise, place it on the magnesium bar, and slide it down to generate a flame.

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This keychain is a perfect tool as it combines utility and convenience, making it a must-have hiking or camping gear for hunting, traveling, and other outdoor activities. Works equally well even when wet or cold

As the perfect gift, the premium designed keychain lighter is packed in an exquisite gift box, the ideal gift for your friends and families on any occasion like Business, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Wedding, Father’s Day, Anniversary, Thanksgiving. 

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