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Robot vacuum cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2019 Say Goodbye To Hand Push Vacuum

The story which is about to be told seems to have come out straight out of a Richie Rich comic book comes Irona, the robot maid! This time she’s here to help you do the floors. Yes, you can always buy one of the many models of the robot floor vacuum cleaner and free yourself to do much more critical, and creative activities.

The robot vacuum cleaner is programmed to vacuum the floors of your home completely unsupervised. Control and command are implemented locally via a handheld command unit, or remotely via other technologies like wireless Internet access and mobile cellular networks.

robot vacuum cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Takes On The Pool

Not only can the robot clean inside the house. There is also the robot vacuum pool cleaner which is hassle-free cleaning your pool. It is also easy-to-use, lightweight with a single button operation and will clean a pool up to 33 feet.

The robot vacuum cleaner sophisticated logic circuits scan the floor to determine the amount of dirt there and compute the number of passes required to clean the area. The robot then moves ahead and repeats the scan. In this way, the whole area designated for cleaning is all covered. No more getting down on your hands and knees to clean under the bed or the couch – the robot is designed to clean all those hard to reach places.

The beautiful thing about this robot vacuum invention is it’s the ability to navigate its way around a room in your house without knocking over or bumping into the furniture, whichever way, the furniture is arranged. For this reason, you can leave the robot to do the work unsupervised. There are models which use bump-detection. In this way, the robot will detect any object in its way. Therefore, if you get one of these models, then it is recommended to find one with rubber bumpers that will avoid damage to the furniture and the robot.

Robot vacuum cleaners do a first-class job in cleaning the floors. The design of the robot is such that the vacuum nozzle is very close to the body, and sometimes on the underside of the body. That means the nose of the robot cannot reach those tight spots in the corners and the tight join along the run of the wall. So you may have to redo these areas yourself.

Self Independent controls

Your robot can’t climb stairs, and so you’ll have to do the stairs too. Then you’ll have to look out for other problems that the robot can’t handle. One example is the edge of rugs and carpets where the loose fringe is mostly found. The long loose threads of the fringes can get ingested by the robot vacuum cleaner, causing it to come to a grinding halt.

Robotic Vacuum Clean even under the sofa

These and some other problems still need to be sorted out. But they are incidental to the main work that the robot does so well, and that is floor cleaning. They work well on all floors. They don’t balk at a little liquid on the floor. They are great at picking up hair, lint, small pieces of paper and cloth just like a regular vacuum cleaner.

The Method of this Remarkable Invention

The robot uses a built-in rechargeable battery supply to operate. When the charge power drops to a low level, there is an audio-visual alarm that prompts you to recharge the robot’s battery. However, one good thing about many models of the robot vacuum floor cleaner on the market, the robot can return to a charging station on its own to get recharged. Also, bear in mind that the price varies according to the features of the robots. The cost can range from affordable to way-too-high-for-me!

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They take the place of domestic help. You can do other more important things while the floor is getting done by the robotic vacuum. With the robotic doing the work it saves you valuable time. More than that, you’ll appreciate the freedom from that dead-boring, mentally stultifying chore which is as brain-numbing as they come!

Cooking is creative and confident, the dishwasher and the washing machine don’t require you on site all the time; it’s just the vacuuming that needs you to be there every second! Yes, if you think that ‘saving time’ means that the robot can clean the house quicker than you can, you’re mistaken, badly! It takes at least twice as long as a manual vacuuming operation.

Ah yes, as part of your responsibility is always to empty the robot floor cleaner since the robot will not do that by itself. While removing the mess from the floor robot cleaner might seem a nuisance, its a minor job compared to the advantages of you having your vacuuming done by the robot. Not only does it save you your time, but it also releases you from that feeling of drudgery that is part and parcel of doing the same old job, day in and day out.

Now many homeowners love a pet in the house. The pet rolls all over the rug, but the good news, the robot vacuum cleaner pet hair exceptionally well. Now, you do not have to worry about the pet coming into the house and enjoy a good roll-over playing with the kids.

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