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you are beautiful

You Are Beautiful From The Day You Were Born Into This World.

You are beautiful in many ways, but it is not uncommon to hear every day that many people wish to be attractive more than their given birth appearance. [you hear the words “the good and the beautiful” pay no attention to that phrase] People go to the extent of finding the “best of” ways to change their appearance. It is not to say that’s a terrible thing or, why should a person want to change their appearance.

you are beautiful


The good thing, there a lot of means of doing that. Whether it’s through an exercise using the “TRX PRO Suspension Trainer System” or similar products, natural organic health products such as “Cliganic Organic Oil” or wear “Diamond Jewelry for Valentine’s Day. Also, there are those who are under the impression that they have to pay the top dollars for their beauty and health products.

Well, the news is good. Being beautiful is a good thing. That feeling of beauty in you gives the self-confidence of being sexy. It takes hold of yourself to be beautiful. There is also a myth among many people that if they do not have beauty the products, then they all feel that they do not look attractive. Then it’s OK to assume that the struggle for achieving beauty and health has been going on since the day one. If you go to the market, you can see stores filled with beauty products.

The Aztec Secret and Indian Healing Clay is a facial product which is available – 1 lb package. Deep Pore Cleansing Facial & Body Mask | The Original 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite, which is sold for less than US$11 and has over 19,000 customers reviews and over 600 questions answered and best of all the product is available on Amazon. The Aztec Secret and Indian Healing Clay are one of the most favorite face masks, and it’s a fantastic deal and feels good on your skin it is the health and beauty for you.

you are beautiful and there is no exception.

Another great thing about the Aztec secret Indian healing clay is the world’s most potent facial cleansing treatment. What makes it a fantastic deal is that it’s 100% natural calcium bentonite clay, so it’s like a legitimate powder. The Aztec Secret Indian healing clay is most recommended for normal to oily skin if you have dry skin.

The masks come with three little spoons. You also get in the package a little mixing tool and a brush which you will love. And best of all I found you this excellent video on Youtube of a young lady who likes the Aztec secret Indian healing clay, and the product works well for her.

You Are Beautiful with Soothing Rose Toner!

The Thayers Witch Hazel Toner is a great product to add to your skin care routine if you don’t already use a toner. Use this product whenever you wash your face, usually in the morning or night. Best of All it’s a great product to use whenever you want throughout your day. You and apply the toner with a cotton ball, and focus on the T-zone which is the forehead, nose, and chin area.

The love for this toner product it doesn’t have alcohol in it and it’s good for somebody with slightly oily skin like using alcohol is great to dry your skin out.

you are beautiful and nothing can change that

It ‘s the ladies toner of choice over many others and using it about two times a day, make the 12-ounce bottle last a long time. And as pointed out before, It is alcohol-free, paraben free and gluten free. This toner softens and moisturizes and keeps your face fresh throughout the day.

Going Natural!
Sitting in front of the television you will see lots of beauty products advertised. Even though the pages of your newspapers you will find the beauty products promotion and shopping at your favorite local markets you can see lines of beauty products by a multitude of vendors trying to lure buyers with the assurance of beauty lasting forever. It was formerly supposed to be the terrain of women only and men were not a part of it, but these myths have changed over time.

When a woman does not feel beautiful, she is a touchdown. Well, ladies and gals, the time has come when you must perk up. And asking Why? Well, you see, there is something in store for all of you. Best of all, something is coming up that will put a big smile on your pretty face all of the days.

Synonyms for beautiful: gorgeous, magnificent, fascinating, splendid, good-looking, dazzling, charming, alluring, appealing, cute, exquisite, delicate, elegant, delightful, fascinating, fine, graceful, handsome, admirable, grand, lovely, pleasing, magnificent, marvelous, pretty, stunning, beauteous, superb, wonderful, angelic, classy. The words from beautiful that we use to lift the spirit.

with a beautiful mind you will feel that you are beautiful

Below are some common ingredients you can apply on your skin to have that glamor back. You will no longer need to spend tons of dollars on expensive skin care products which play on your mind. Because found on your kitchen shelves is every item that you need.

Yes, there is no thought that every one of us is aware of the value when we use natural products on our skin as beauty treatments. Many studies show that from ancient Egypt time and other civilizations as well, a woman once bathes her self in milk because milk is known as the best disinfectant of clogged in one’s skin pores.

Another aspect of our discussion is, you will find that many beauty salons today offer natural product treatments, but the charge is high for the procedures. Also, these stylists do not have much time to give individual attention to each customer. Therefore, the woman and man have to take care of his or her beauty by themselves.

Today, we are lucky to be living in the times of advanced technology where the internet and media are available. There are lots of websites, books and also newspaper articles that make it possible to have free tips and lots of ways to make natural beauty products in our own space.

And best of all the good part about this is that the media revolution and internet has both brought forth a large number of cheaply available resources in the form of websites, books, and magazines. Go on to Youtube and do a search you home done beauty products, and many tutorials will pop up.

For a dry, cracked skin to be more moist and healthy, many people mix in a teaspoon of olive oil for good measure; while others paste the bananas on themselves. Now, after leaving the paste on for 10 minutes on, all that is needed is rinse off the pulp leaving the skin beautiful.

Watch What We Eat because to feel that you are beautiful eating all kind of just will sure interrupt the process if you are beautiful..

Today, in this modern society that we live, with much emphasis on health and weight loss, there are many women sure stock up on highly nutritious foods. It is necessary, to be sure, to consume these highly nutritious foods so that we gain nutrients and remain at a proper weight with our body.

While some of these nutritious foods are cheap, but you must take the time find an authentic internet resource to learn how to use these products for the beauty and health of your skin.

The Importance of Breathing!
Keeping in good health is all part of the subject around being you are beautiful. Therefore, not only the things you eat need to be of concern or the health skin product that you use. Stress is also an essential aid in one’s beauty. Thus leading us into the area of being stress which can be caused by many of our daily activities.

you will have a beatiful life when you have a beautiful mind set because you are beautiful

To both relieved stress and center your mind, it’s necessary to even touch on how breathing influences our health and body. Beyond merely breathing techniques, there are many people that breath plays into the mind, apart from the point that it’s needed for us to survive. Also, to build on your mindset of if you are beautiful always.

To sum, this up, what happens when you have poor breathing habits, and the actual fact whether you want to accept the truth or do not take this fact, breathing plays a roll in your health. Here is what happens. We lose out on our most important source of energy. YES, we get hungrier, especially for junk food or sweets that we need to stay away from.

Therefore, our body suffers from a lack of active oxygen, which negatively affects our “free radicals” and can increase our chances of long-term illnesses. Also, we feel more stressed, which reduces our body’s ability to fight off illness or some form of a disease.

Our body’s lymphatic system malfunctions, so it can’t remove toxins as efficiently as it should. Even our thought is impaired.
(Do I now have you scratching your head and wondering “how should you breathe?” Do not stress out because there are loads of breathing exercises that you can perform. Lots of these exercises specifically are designed to cleanse your body, and some to reduce all of the stress you are having.

However, before digging into breathing exercises, let’s first take a short glance at your breathing habits.

 You are beautiful in many ways

Now, Check Your Breathing!
Honestly, one of the reliable ways to check out your breathing ways is to stand up in front of the mirror and take a deep breath inwards. Then, take notice of what happens. Pay particular attention to the following things:

(1) What happened to your shoulders (did they rise or stay roughly still)?
(2) What happened to your chest (did it rise high or stay around always)?
(3) What happened to your stomach (did it go in, stay roughly quiet or expand)?
(4) From there, here’s what you should do next…

Stand in front of a mirror!
(A) First, breathe out — empty your lungs.
(B) Take in a deep breath, and notice what happens to your shoulders, chest, and stomach.
(C) Again, empty your lungs and again notice what happens to your shoulders, chest, and abdomen.
(D) Repeat this as many times as you need to see what’s happening.

Correct Your Breathing!
If you’ve ever watched a baby sleeping on its back, you may have noticed the correct way to breathe. For instance, when breathing in, the baby’s stomach rises (expands). When breathing out (exhaling), its belly goes in. Its shoulders and chest don’t move, or if they do move, it’s hardly at all.

This is exactly what your aim should be when practicing breathing and trying to correct your breath overall. Here’s a short checklist for what you should notice in the mirror when you breathe in deeply.

Right vs. Wrong

Your shoulders stay level
Your shoulders lift up
Your chest rises only a little
You use your chest to store all the air
Your stomach expands
Your stomach goes in
Breathing relaxes you
Breathing in tenses you
A Habit to Carry With You For Life

This may take a while at first, but I promise if you stick to it, it’s going to become a healthy and beneficial habit to practice. If you’ve already adopted this habit, then good! If not, for your own peace of mind, I strongly encourage you to adjust the way you’re breathing.

Remind yourself about the way you breathe, every time you…

Walk through a doorway
Lie down to go to sleep
Wake up in the morning
Get into a car, bus or train
Get out of a car, bus or train

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